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In addition to a forum to discuss the usual webcomic-ish things, there will now be a "discussion question" pitched at the end of each comic. Click the discussion link to read or join in the conversation! (And yes, please continue to comment through the simpler drop-down form submitter if you want your comments to show up ON the webcomic page. The forum is an expanded discussion place. You can do both or either! Up to you!)

Discussion question of the week:
If you had to help Theresa and Melanie figure out the best way to get Ivy to behave while taking her abilities into account, what would you suggest?
Do you think they're on the right track, or do you think they're setting themselves up for a huge backlash? Give 'em some ideas, or just share your thoughts on discipline.
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Amanda's so funny but you really get a feel for both sides in Amanda-centric comics. On one side, you're intrigued and delighted by this funny, cute, and seemingly magical little child. However, you realize that dealing with that kind of power in child would be puzzling, frightening, and very possibly dangerous.

And I'm also thinking, "gosh, this is fun and I wanna see what happens to her but I'm also hoping she'll eventually find her way home". Then I feel a little sad too. :(

I don't know, that 7th drawn panel maybe my most favorite drawing of Amanda yet. Those last two are pretty cute too.

Something makes me think Amanda won't like the "walking game" very much.


Humans have an instinctive fear of falling; the legacy of our tree-dwelling ancestors, probably. So to be suddenly lofted through the air would be freaking terrifying... Poor Theresa!

For Ivy of course, it's just something she's grown up with; she knows she can rely on her powers at least as well as her arms and legs. You do a great job of showing how this shapes her thinking.

Yep, you're right--she doesn't fear flying really at all because she's used to what it feels like, and knows she isn't going to fall. But when she was first learning there were some signs that it wasn't comfortable at first--I'm sure she was born with fear-of-falling instincts too. #0109 probably outlines it the best. She was also really disoriented the first time she flew outside in #0161.
Everytime you post a Negative One update now I read it. Being not a weekly follower in the past I don't know the characters well, or anything much about the storyline admittedly, but it's still interesting to read and I like how they all have their own little thoughts going on in the boxes, and the writing is quite deep and makes you think. Most other comics you don't learn anything from, but with Negative One you can see things in a different way, like in your last comic how Weaver and Dax were talking to each other and Dax came around and looked at Weaver's point of view not just his own, that was cool and reflects real life a lot sometimes when you think no-one will understand something they surprise you.

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