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Adele? In a PONYTAIL!?! *swoon* Yeah, I totally asked her out! Say, what movie was she watching?

Hmmm, we have Adele, in this storyline, wishing she had someone to watch over or baby and we have baby Amanda in another storyline in need of a caretaker. Dare I say it? Chocolate, meet peanut butter. Peanut butter, this is chocolate. =Z=

Hehe, good one. I think Adele looked cute putting on the lip gloss with her hair back, and I love how she looks with her hair back in general. I understand where she's coming from about guys and appearance, because I'm like that too. Nice job, this week. :)
Adele acting like a Valley girl? Like, gag me with a spoon, I like totally didn't see that coming! Grody to the max! :)

Seriously though, her insight into her past life does point out to me that she never really had the time to simply be an ordinary girl. As she was growing up, she probably spent most her waking hours studying under Tabitha. She also wasn't able to spend enough time with her family to have a truly close relationship with them, nor could she build friendships with other children her age in her community. It's sad she missed out on so much.

Did Adele see The Ramones or something? Now her demeanor kinda reminds me of the blonde in that movie... Doesn't matter really... this was cute and funny!!! The frame where she is bouncing up and down on the couch reminds me of your "Stupid" video. Adele didn't have a stupid teen phase because she was busy being a prophet and counseling stupid teens! Like that one girl who wanted to know if she was going to marry the guy she liked.
...That was adorable. *huggles Adele*
And I was just thinking that there hadn't been an Adele comic in a while, actually.
I've been away for awhile, just read about 6 episodes at once, so glad that Adele is back, I've missed her. I also like the second thoughts about crime scene psychic ambulance chasing.

Well I'd love to see all the characters together, but I think that will still be quite a way off.

Looks like we have a Bella Swan "adult soul" here.
I don't know what that means, more Twilight stuff that I won't really grasp because I've never read the books or watched the movies. But I thought Bella was supposed to be a pretty typical high school kid, while Adele has been training since childhood in a wisdom career, so there's at least a pretty solid explanation for it.

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