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That baby is amazingly cute. :) Also wanted to let you know I really like the comic. Can't believe it has been more than a year already... The characters are all very interesting!! :)
My god you're a good drawer! *is amazed*!!!!
You could be one of those people at markets who do sketches of people!!!
Hah, before reading your writing about the baby I was thinking: "That's a huge bottle to give a baby!!" hahaha...
Sorry not really into comics (not because yours are horrible, just a thing in general) but I do love looking at your little updates on Lj with the pictures :)
Aww, very cute! I love your web comic :)
I also like the frame where Meri Lin says "Ah!" and pants. Very cute :D I think you capture the emotions of the characters very well.
Victor SHO5/20/060:40
Baby Amanda is so cute and chubby/cherub faced, not very indicative of the "rhymes with witch" she is to become later.
Hehe, the dialogue towards the end was getting close, but you managed not to go there... so I will!

When there's something strange in your neighborhood...
Who you gonna call?
An invisible man, over your baby's bed...
Who you gonna call?

Okay seriously, what's with Meri's fainting spells? Knowing what I know, it is an immense shame that she is a afraid that her Poltergeist will throw the baby out one of the windows it keeps opening.
I pity the meek. Na ma ga, sushaifa!

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