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I must say I am most impressed with the drawings in this installment of Negative One, given extra special attention to the drawings in frame 4,6,& 7 Adele is just cute and you give her such justice with each passing installment. I think that you could do no better with the drawings of this most interesting character unless you choose to add color to her life, and I admit I hope that is something that I hope that you will endeavor to do sometime in the future.

And the baby sister I really liked this I think that it has added alot to the ability of getting to know Adele a little more a little better. Awesome!!!!!!!!

And last comment I will say is, I am happy to see that you have also added some great internal dialog to go along with this installment the wording and wit of how it was presented gives it a more personal feeling with this great character, it shows and all too strongly how you are quite able to mold a perfect balance of words. I was quite taken with it like I always am but like I said the drawings in frame 4 with the dialog has given me even more to appreciate with this great comic and ongoing story. I am giddy for the next one already!

Again a spectacular showing in drawings and words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, you did a great job of drawing Adele in that last comic! :)
Jeremy Pratte2/20/066:13
I thought that halfway through and on to the end was great but the beginning looked a little rushed. Oh well, you are short on time lately. It's understandable.
I love the first panel. "Of course, if you listen to Tabitha, I'm doing great BUT blahblahblah" is my favorite line. I can relate. And I like how Adele is progressing realistically. Despite her discovery of HOW much talent she has, she doesn't suddenly become the perfect prophet. I don't like stories that do that to a character.

The one negative thing I found is that I could not tell what was going on in panel five. Is she mad about the pebbles? Or is she looking for another pebble? Hmm.

But ooooh, I love how Adele interacts with her younger sister. It's so sweet. But since we all know Adele is going to be leaving soon, it's a bittersweet feeling.

RED HAIR? I thought it was blonde the whole time!
Ah, there were a few more subtle references to it before, but I've still found that because it isn't a color comic, people sometimes prefer the mental pictures they've developed. Somewhere in the first issues there's a reference to her parents naming her the equivalent of "red girl" in their language because of her hair.

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