This is the story of Negative One. Pardon the dramatic tone in the next few paragraphs. It is after all a fantasy comic, so I have to do something to sound epic or I won't get any readers, right?

No, really. That said, this is NOT an epic fantasy--no magic, elves, dwarves, dragons, wizards, Ultimate Chosen Ones™, or saving the world. This is a very quiet and personal story of some rather unusual people . . . the everyday lives of the extraordinary. Read on.

Meri Lin. A young Chinese-American woman finds herself pregnant, unmarried, and living with a man her parents do not approve of because he is not Chinese. Meri Lin and Fred uphold their devotion to each other as the pregnancy develops . . . and it's a good thing these two have such a solid foundation to build on, because they are going to need it. Their child will be unlike any baby born in the history of mankind, and this ordinary, clueless, and somewhat frightened couple has to figure out how to mold what nature has handed them into a happy, healthy child . . . even if normal is out of the question. Meri Lin's story in this comic begins when she discovers she is pregnant.

Adele. Meanwhile, in another dimension . . . no, really! Adele is a talented teenage prophet from the dimension Ailashuo, learning her craft from her older and wiser teacher, Tabitha. Her purpose is to hone her prophetic abilities under Tabitha's tutelage and travel to the human world--the world Tabitha is from--to begin a quest to establish a prophet network. But there's one issue: Ailashuo is not next door, and the distance she'll have to travel will affect her memory. Adele has to try to learn her lessons so well that they become second nature rather than specific memories, and then she must face going to another world where her people and her abilities are unheard-of. Trying to learn such important lessons is difficult for her because she's also dealing with the idea of losing her friends and family forever, seeing as how she will probably forget everyone once she leaves and never be able to return. Her storyline begins at the beginning of her last year of study.

It's not obvious how these two storylines are related as such, but much further down the road, you will see.

Later on, two new narrators come into the mix: Weaver and Dax. They each have their own more occasional comics, and both of them are attempting to learn more about the human world after going through an interdimensional pool that has taken away their memories. Weaver is imprisoned by a mysterious man who took his only weapon and lets him watch TV, while Dax has been befriended by pot-smoking hippies. Their adventures and their ultimate decisions regarding their situations are their little part of this comic.

If you like comics with lots of action and butt-kicking or stuff that's humorous, this isn't really going to be your bag. There is occasionally some action and conflict, and it is sometimes funny, but it's not a "fighting" or "joke" comic. It can be kind of heavy at times and it's very character-oriented and emotional.

Please be aware that there is occasional tasteful nudity (think breastfeeding moms and incidental nakedness, not sexual drawings), occasional "adult situations" (you can't have a story featuring a pregnant woman or honest teen/young-twenties characters without the occasional reference to sex or "inappropriate" things), some drug references, and (especially in Weaver's storyline) bad language. It is NEVER done in a purposely lewd or provocative way. The drawing style is black and white pencil drawings in attempted realism. Talk bubbles and text are added on the computer for easier reading.

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