These are questions I've been asked about the comic in the context of the original THTIB novels. Chances are, if you have not read the Ivy books up through number 4, talked to me extensively about the series, or read the THTIB Encyclopedia, then some of the answers on this page are going to surprise you. This is really more for people who see Negative One as a prequel than people who are beginning with the comic's story as their introduction to this universe. It may reveal some things you don't know and don't want to know (if you like surprises) in both the book series and the comic. You are warned.

  1. Are Fred and Meri Lin going to get married anyway? Nope. They just live together and never take official vows.
  2. Fred and Meri Lin are Ivy's parents, right? Yup.
  3. If their daughter is "Ivy," how come they name her something else? Because Adele named her. It would have been strange if her parents happened to name her the same thing. Ivy's "real" name is Amanda Fisher-Ling.
  4. What other THTIB characters are going to be in the comic? Characters featured in THTIB so far are Meri Lin, Fred, Ivy, Lissa Lee, Adele, Dax, and Weaver. You also get to meet a little girl named Melanie who knows Ivy before the bakery days. Then there's Miss Margaret and Charlotte. And if I get that far, it may overlap into Book 0 territory and you'll see the interactions of Alix, Neptune, and the rest of the gang.
  5. Do we get to see Dax's or Weaver's or Neptune's home dimension, since you showed Adele's? Sorry, no, I'm not planning to go there.
  6. Are you gonna talk about some of those other dimensions shown on that map? Maybe. If I feel like it. Depends on if I decide they're important.
  7. In #0008 they're talking about faeryland. Seriously, is Thursday from there? Gee, how did you guess?
  8. Dax and Weaver are from the same dimension, according to what you suggest in this comic. Did they know each other before? Nope. They sorta seem to recognize stuff about each other once they meet in the comic, but it's not because they knew each other; it's just that they shared a culture in their previous dimension and sort of vaguely recognize stuff about each other as representatives of their species.
  9. Does Adele ever meet up with Meri Lin and Fred? Up to the point in the story where I've written Ivy's adult life (age eighteen), they still haven't met. It might happen, though. . . .
  10. Is Adele ever going to see Tabitha, Shelshay, Aleef, or her family again once she leaves her dimension? I don't have plans to bring them back. Feel free to write fanfiction about it, though. Bwahaha!

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