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I hadn't noticed the thing about Alix's cape before, but it made me laugh! I am reminded of many years ago, when I used to belong to a very poor inner-city church and we partnered with a rich church in the south of England. So a group of us went down to visit them, and I stayed with these people who had a little girl. And I remember her telling me very seriously that she thought I didn't play enough. I took that to heart and did something about it after that. :-)
I haven't commented in a while. A lot of comments I was leaving had negativity in them, and I don't say often enough how much I enjoy this comic. I love this concept and these characters and that you kept on top of it consistently for so many years. I've been quietly lurking because I didn't know the right way to say "sorry" in a big eloquent speech.

I guess I'll just say I'm sorry. Short and simple and to the point.


I'm pretty sure you've deliberately written Alix to be unlikable. He's kind of like the jerky Raphael or Vegeta of the group without any of the stuff that makes those characters cool. It seemed like he was about to turn a new leaf and get the stick out of his butt because he's happy about the house project he's working on, but now he's back to his old attitude and has a gaudy cape to make it more cringeworthy.

I think he's doing this because, deep down, he knows he's the useless one in the group. Ivy is like Superman, Adele can gather cosmic information so is the De Facto smart one, Weaver's like batman (he looks like a bat), Dax is a lovable gentle giant. Alix's power is comparable to.... Aquaman. Need I say more?

I think he does have one thing the rest of the group lacks: he passes for human and is savvy to the human world (Ivy passes but is nave, Adele has to wear a cloak).

Something that struck me is Weaver accused him of not having so much responsibility when he was a kid. Um. Did he? We don't know what his past was before he joined the circus, and the freakshow life must have been humiliating. Circuses don't happen anymore because the way they abused animals (and clowns I guess) has been exposed. Nobody wants to support that anymore. Alix's life must have been full of hard knocks before this.

OK. Yeah Alix has always been moody inconsistently and he's worn a cape off and on for a long time. Yes I think Alix feels inadequate. I don't know anything about Aquaman. We never get his perspective since he is not a POV character, so he may be coming across less sympathetic than the others because you never get his direct side of things.

Weaver does know some things about Alix's past. He made fun of him for having money his parents just give him for no reason (back in issue 301) and has decided he's probably pampered and spoiled.

There are very much still circuses operating today.

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