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*spit take* Ten? MAYBE ten? Did five years just float away into the aether?! I have to say the way Adele's been handling the situation with Alix and Webster is uh, selfish and perhaps nave? Letting Alix's house fall apart and stringing along Webster indefinitely (which is total Bella Swan behavior) is not love. Webster would have been better off if she never wrote in the first place so he would forget her and just move on with his life. And allowing a man's house to slowly get destroyed so he'll be less of an asshat?
This comic is literally moving even slower than in realtime. The episode where Ivy was born was posted in February 2006. In April 2021 a comic where she might be around ten appears and you say five years happened in a blink, which is very weird considering how I took my sweet time with these characters--and I assure you you can't find a comic where she suddenly looked older, because it was gradual like it's supposed to be. The story does have consistent context clues of Ivy getting older, and if you haven't noticed them, that's not the same thing as the story not containing proper cues. But at this point I'm pretty used to you repeatedly not noticing something and then telling me I have written a contradiction.

You're allowed to think what you want about Adele. She's not a perfect person and is not being written as one. Your constant references to Twilight and Twilight fanfiction make me think mocking and analyzing this specific piece of literature you don't like has been your primary frame of reference to decide whether other stories/fictional people are crap, and it's really weird.

This is [current year]. We're not allowed to just like things anymore. I genuinely think the Adele/webster calls are leading to... something. It could blow up in her face, and she already "knows" he will freak out about the truth. I can't see her just stop calling him and having nothing result from all this, because that would be a waste of writing (an unfired checkhov's gun if you will).

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