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Dax and Weaver have a lot more spiritual intuition than Adele. If they feel something is off about neptune wearing a dress, I feel predators are a red herring to something more ambiguous and subtle. Case in point: the Halo field (yeah, I'm calling it that, because I bloody know that's what inspired it) isn't there for camoflauge; it's there to protect her albino skin. It's almost summer, and with the clothes she's getting, she'll want to be visible more often. Adele should see the danger to that. But it can also be a weird cultural taboo from her world that they're forcing her to break (yeah, lol, hiding genitals is obscene in her world). Or something more sinister we can't understand could be looking for her.
You "catch" and triumphantly call out an awful lot of things that literally aren't there. Adele is right and there is no red herring. And no, you don't "bloody know" what inspired whatever you're talking about because I don't know what the "Halo field" is. I'm assuming it must be some other video game reference, because I know Halo is a game and you've made at least a dozen video game references in these comments (no matter how many times I point out that I don't play video games and don't get the reference, you don't get the message), but if so, Halo's oldest release is five years newer than when I invented this character and the elements of her invisibility, so it sure is weird to see you using phrases like "I bloody know" about your multiple incorrect assumptions about this story. There are very few things more obnoxious for writers than to hear clueless people tell them they obviously stole an idea from something they've never heard of, but I guess when you a) think ideas are so rare and special that they could have only been thought of ever by one person and b) consume media in bad faith, you're going to come to a lot of shitty conclusions (and, certainly, congratulate yourself privately for your incredible insight).

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