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Discussion question of the week:
It's Not Dangerous

Have you ever been talked into doing something unappealing or dangerous through someone else's encouragement? Have you ever talked someone else into doing something they were afraid to do by downplaying the danger? If yes in either situation, did anyone regret it or get hurt?


Stuart Gathman11/19/1120:32
The dad has forgotten that safety is illusory. Sure, the baby is dangerous, but that doesn't mean you should run from it like a scared rabbit. Driving your car is *very* dangerous (and I've cut driving down to once per week for that and other reasons - I do need to stay in practice in case of emergencies). His strategy results in a life wasted by avoiding everything not known to be absolutely "safe" (and nothing really is).

A more rational strategy would be to avoid *known* dangers, and give unknown possible dangers a chance. If the unknown does turn on you (and you survive), add it to your list of known dangers. In game theory, this is called the "tit for tat" strategy. Trust initially, but remember when that trust is broken. It is shown to be superiour to any other known strategy (in game theory simiulations - real life may vary).

If he leaves his family, they should stay put, encouraging him to come back (and making sure he pays child support), but not letting his slavery to fear imprison the rest of the family.

In a way the father is right (though clearly an a$$hat). Amanda CAN be dangerous, but so can fire, water, electricity, and a plethora of other things we willingly let into our lives and homes on a daily basis. The fact is that to us fragile mortal many things are dangerous, even lethal, but as the saying goes, "Don't tempt fate." He seems to almost be suggesting to do something to provoke Amanda and prove control. But that train of reasoning, in my opinion, is as fallacious as sticking a gold fork into a light socket to prove that having outlets in the home is safe.

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