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Discussion question of the week:
The Good Side

Are you more like Dax or more like Weaver when it comes to people getting on your good side? In other words, do you like and trust people until they do something bad, or do you feel neutral or negative toward them until they do something good?


I feel for Alix, really do, life seems tough for him but at least he's learning from Dax and Weaver. They seem condescending to Alix though at times.
And once again my love and respect for and feeling of kinsmanship with Weaver grows. A like mind thinks great.


Stuart Gathman3/5/1111:15
Dax talks about killing large predators for food. Eating predator animals is not a good idea except in emergencies (if stranded in the Artic, you might need to eat your sled dogs - they'll eat you when hungry enough). There is a good chance of getting a brain disease along the lines of Mad Cow. Always stick to vegetarian animals when eating meat. The same goes for arthropods. Grasshoppers and crickets are good for you, spiders and flies not so much.
It's possible predators eat each other with no problems wherever he's from . . . I guess he wouldn't know the difference. For reference, the animals he's talking about were coyotes and bobcats. Let's just hope he cooks them well.
The predator diet was already mentioned, but is this implying Dax's race is dumb? They're biologically equipped for hunting, but also have the intellect for language and they evolved to centaurism.

I just gotta wonder what evolutionary niches he and weaver fit into on their world because it seems oddly alien and nonsensical (like, the reason there aren't other species like humans around is because there's only room for one species to fit a niche in an ecosystem, and we won the competition)

It's weird that you would keep holding a different world we haven't visited to the standards of Earth, as if alien is THEREFORE nonsensical. Dax's race and Weaver's race have different intelligences just like humans and dolphins do. There isn't just one established intelligence that is better or worse than another. It would be a lot more pleasant to deal with your questions about this universe if you would stop phrasing them as suppositions that I must be ignorant and not know how to write basic worldbuilding. Having questions is fine. "I don't know the answer, so what you wrote is nonsensical" is just weird.
You're taking everything I say really seriously! Isn't it fun to think about these things?
Like I said, thinking about "these things" isn't a problem. The problem I have is that you center experiences you're familiar with (in this case, the world of Earth) and then conclude stuff like "You must be writing that Dax's race must be dumb, because there can't be an alien world where there are two intelligent species." It's very unpleasant, and not "fun" at all, to talk to someone who doesn't so much ask questions as repeatedly say "wait, WAIT, this can't be like THIS, because [weird assumption assumed to be universal, even in science fiction.]" MANY of your comments, if you look at their wording, imply I am making mistakes in this story because I must not know simple things, and your questions ask me to justify them against your assumptions (which often aren't even accurate, or reference something in a fanfiction or a video game I've never heard of). I didn't invite a debate and this is not my idea of fun.

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