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Discussion question of the week:
Is It a Boy or a Girl?

Affecting everything from names to color choices, the gender of a newborn baby seems awfully important to some people. If you've had a baby, did you attempt to ascertain its sex before its birth? If you haven't had children, would you want to know ahead of time or not? How did/would knowing or not knowing affect your preparations?


I knew this was coming and I knew it was going to be really hard. Having another baby is one thing, but trying to move on and raise that new baby. On the one hand, it probably feels like a terrible betrayal of the memory of the missing child. On the other hand, you can't let this child feel punished for events that happened before he was even born.

I think people go through the same dilemma when someone dies. How can you justify being happy again (even for a moment) when they're gone and not feel like you're doing something terribly monstrous?


Hooray, another Meri Lin! She's probably my favorite narrator because of the sincerity and emotion that pervades her comics; I think you do an excellent job of portraying her response to and recovery from all the recent tragedy in her life. As much as I want her to reunite with Amanda/Ivy, I really hope the experience of raising a second child will help her heal.

But oh, that pesky women's intuition. Won't leave the poor girl alone, will it?

duuuuuuuuuuuude i just finally got to this page. i love how it took you FIVE YEARS to write TWO AND A HALF YEARS of Ivy's life!

you kept me up all night, it's now 6:42am

thank you!!! i enjoyed it very much. now i'll have to wait a few months for the new ones to pile up so i'm not miserable every week waiting to see what happens next.

"A host of smiles and tears." I see wut u did thar.
??? That phrase has no double meaning. If you're implying I was making some reference, I wasn't.
You did make a reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkAmD8A3CRk
See, this is like the eighth or ninth time that you've written some strange reference to a video game and expected me to know what you were talking about, and I patiently told you over and over again that I don't play video games. Now you've found that I used a common three-word phrase that also showed up in a video game and you're insisting it is therefore a "reference." I don't know anything about this video game. You didn't "see what I did thar" because I wasn't making a reference to a video game. You can't possibly think no one had ever said "smiles and tears" before until this game named something with that phrase. It's frustrating to keep being told by you that you KNOW what I'm referencing and you KNOW I'm pulling from, like, Twilight fanfiction or something because that's the only place you've heard of something. I just don't like the things you like and it shouldn't be that hard to accept.

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