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Discussion question of the week:
Not My Problem

Are you the kind of person who usually doesn't get involved in other people's affairs even if they could clearly use your help? Or do you prefer to take other people's problems on yourself even if it causes a lot of problems for you? Assuming your answer would depend on the situation, talk about what sorts of situations would compel you to get involved and what sorts would encourage you to keep your distance.


That is so sad. Those people should have at least seen that Ivy got safely to an adult who can look after her if they weren't gonna do it, and in the night-time too! Poor little Ivy, she is such a strong girl but what kid wouldn't be scared being alone in the dark like that. I can't believe Eva would just dump her in the lobby as if she were a stray cat or something! The guy was really selfish, it seems like Eva just didn't want to fight with him so she did the easiest thing which in turn would turn out to be such difficulty for Ivy and a decision Eva would regret if she found out something bad had happened to Ivy! Ivy obviously has a bundle of life experience that even some teenagers and adults don't have, and she's so young, so she's got that on her side when she faces the big wide world alone.
I hope Ivy finds her way back to Meri-Lin and Fred one day but her adventures flying around and landing in random places sure makes for interesting reading! I love viewing and reading about all the different places she ends up in and the people she meets.
Oh my gawd! Poor Amanda. I really want to cry for her. I guess I'm thankful that she seems a bit obvlivious to the things happening around her and it's all not getting her depressed... but still, I think I want to cry.


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