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Negative One reached FIVE YEARS as a webcomic on May 20, 2010!

Follow this link to see the celebration, including great new fanfiction and fanart!

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Negative One reached FIVE YEARS as a webcomic on May 20, 2010!

Follow this link to see the celebration, including great new fanfiction and fanart!

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Discussion question of the week:
No One Believes Me

Have you ever been disbelieved amongst your friends or family after you were the only one to see/experience something extraordinary? How did you deal with it? Were you ever successful in making them believe you, or do they think you're exaggerating/lying/crazy to this day?
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This looks like a set up for something that might get out of control and not end well at all. It's a shame Mennie is so "young thinking". I like when Amanda is happy and safe and this looked like she had found some place like that for a while...

That T-shirt on Amanda is awesome, but eerily foreboding.


M. Lee5/22/106:57
lmao! "Here Comes Trouble" indeed XD Hadn't paid the slightest heed to the shirt 'til she was heading towards the frame, and then she had a smile almost perfect for it. Seems Mennie's desire to make new friends overrode her concern for Amanda's wellbeing. eh, she's a kid, so can't fault her for not foreseeing the consequences of such actions. Adele only knows she meant no harm :b
Oh, poor Ivy. She's trying to do the right thing and then Mennie wants her to do the opposite. Was the water bottle full or empty? I imagined full, but then dropping a full water bottle on a baby's head, even if you know this particular baby has the power to avoid it, seems rather cruel. Of course, I'd be more likely to keep the flying baby secret, and I certainly wouldn't tell someone I just met. I can understand that Melanie might want to tell people, especially since this is a big responsibility that she's had to take on herself, but I'm still a bit squeamish about her bringing up someone she's just met to show her what tricks Ivy can do.

On a lighter note, Ivy's shirt is hilarious. XD

The water bottle was actually partially full. If it were empty it probably would have wafted to the side without Ivy's help! At least she didn't throw it at her or something. A clonk on the head with a water bottle might have hurt, but wouldn't have damaged her.

As for Melanie, well . . . she's usually pretty responsible, but it's been established she has a few problems with discretion. . . .

Hmm, that just made me think of something. What kind of water bottle was that? It appears to have a label, and from what I remember, in the late 80s most people only thought of yuppies and posers BUYING individual sized, prepackaged water. I don't even remember there being a lot of readily available individual sized, prepackaged water in plastic bottles. Even soda often came in glass bottles and I can recall class trips specifically having to write on permission slips that glass bottles were not allowed and beverages had to be in cans or those "new" drink boxes.


I'm sure that what they bought (well, not exactly bought) was a case, with probably 12 or 24 individual plastic bottles, I dunno. I know bottled water didn't become a huge thing until sometime in the 1990s, but most of the companies that currently make bottled water were around since the 1970s or 1980s, and one company that's actually pretty much in my backyard has been distributing in plastic bottles and those water-jug machines since the 1960s.
Stuart Gathman5/23/1017:47
Lacking discretion indeed. Melanie wasted a great deal of her "political capital" with Ivy on peer points. I'm positive she will soon regret doing so.

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