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Negative One Forum!

Discussion question of the week:
How humans do it. . . .
In this issue, Weaver suggests his and Dax's species might be like most of the animals in our world in that they have a naturally mandated mating season. Do you think humans are lucky being one of the only species that can mate year-round? Or do you think we'd be better off if we only focused our attention on mating at specified times? How do you think this would change our culture if that detail was different?
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LOL! Panties! Hijinks ensue! FILTH!!

This was such a fun episode all around. Weaver is teh awesome. He has cemented himself as my all time favorite Negative One character. Hm, I wonder if he's starting a collection. HA!


(okay, I just noticed that after he's been holding the found panties for a little while he sticks his finger in his mouth. That parts a bit weird... but I still like him.)

Haha! This is the first Negative One update since I've been a reader, and I'm glad it was a Weaver issue. You just have to love how he combines adorable teddy bear-ness with mischievous hilarity.

Great chapter!

He's holding the panties with his toes. It's so funny!
So Weaver's original self was a horndog, and Dax is ace. Umm... were you trying to get into the heads of furries with this one? "Oh, it's not my species, but I appreciate the female figure..."

On a tangential sorta-off-topic note, there's controversy over Lola's character design in Space Jam 2.

and this: https://youtu.be/xhk2gzmU35E?t=1116

Weaver is still a horndog, and Dax isn't ace. He doesn't seem to have much of a libido unless someone triggers it, I guess, but that's not what asexuality is.

As for furries, I'm writing the thoughts of this specific character, so no, I wouldn't say I'm trying to get into a human subculture's head.

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