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WOW... wow, Mennie's note at the end really sums up an extreme point in this story line. Amanda's extraordinary strength and power is rolled up in a package that doesn't really have the experience to wield it completely responsibly and there really isn't anyone that can teach by example or punish her if she abuses it.

On a scarier note, does Amanda even realize that so far she's the only one around that can fly and use her abilities? She seemed confused a while back that she didn't see other people flying but didn't really come to a conclusion on that. Mennie could have just got flung off the side of a building by someone that would have no idea of the consequences.


Yup, you hit the nail on the head, SHO! She's got NO idea how dangerous she is, but other people are realizing it. She doesn't really *quite* understand that other people are PEOPLE . . . and that they are different from her in a fundamental way. (No, she doesn't know that other people don't have telekinetic powers--she doesn't exactly think they do, but it seems like a given to her that people are probably like her--and she is only dimly aware that she appears to get her way all the time when she uses force.)
...I am quite frightened by this.
Actually it just occured to me now that her whole storyline since she left Meri Lin has been kind of disturbing.
Very interesting. Ivy is still in the process of developing a conscience; this strip really shows how her powers hinder that.

In some ways this seems similar to kids that grow up in states of extreme abuse, where they aren't allowed normal interactions with other people. As I understand it, such children tend to be emotionally and socially handicapped.

Fortunately, Ivy is not being directly abused or completely isolated, and until recently was part of a loving family. She also seems to have the normal human social instincts; she wants and needs Melanie and Theresa's affection and approval. I'm guessing that's why she accepted Melanie's discipline.

But yeah, it's heartbreaking to see an infant struggle with such issues. She's utterly convincing as a character.

Whoa, I didn't expect to see Melanie slap her like that, but then again she was pretty freaked out over what Ivy did. This whole incident is a reminder that Ivy has a great many things she needs to learn about the world and the people she interacts with. She does not yet understand that manipulating others with her powers is inappropriate, nor does she realize that her powers in themselves make her unique, and frightening to others.

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