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WOW, I didn't know she could do that! Extending her power like a lifeline back to a place or object she wants to find again. Very smart baby. I wonder if there is a way to make her power visible like in Elfen Lied.

Also, I find it interesting that she thought "picture" but says "pitcher". I may be wrong but I thought she both thought and said "chicka" in the last two episodes.

Special note: "pitty pitcher" is awfully close to "pity pitcher ".


Heh, it's not *quite* like "extending her power like a lifeline," but the effect is similar in this respect. There isn't any way to make it visible, no, but if you could you wouldn't see any line between her and whatever she's picking up, 'cause that's not what it's like.

Ivy does indeed use the "real" words for things in her thoughts even if she speaks them wrong, like how she thinks "applesauce" and says "applesoss." But in the case of the "chicka nuggets," that was a new vocabulary word for her, and that was what she thought the restaurant worker said. If she thinks the "real" word but speaks it incorrectly, it means she's only mispronouncing it, not misunderstanding the word itself. She also thinks Theresa is "The Resa" because of how Melanie says it, even though she speaks it "Da Wesa" right now.

"The Force is strong with this one", as a former Jedi with respiratory problems once said. I like how she's figured out how to remotely touch and/or hold onto objects using psychokinesis.
Okay, is it just me or in frame 6, is Kitty holding the crayon!?

Also, I like how Ivy now changes herself when she's wet. Not sure how many babies/toddlers know how to do that!

I like how Ivy plays with her telekinetic powers. :)

Yep, Kitty's holding the crayon. I think she's trying to pretend he's coloring, just like she pretends he talks.
Poor Ivy; so many challenges for her. All that power and a baby's mentality... It's fascinating and sad to see how her abilities hamper her socialization.

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