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Hmm, breaking and entering (well more the "breaking" and less the "entering"), Amanda has learned a lot from Mennie.

Aww, poor baby, I hope she hasn't lost her way to "home" again.

And WOW, that last drawing of Amanda is the BEST ONE EVER! *takes sip of soda*


Oh, dear. Somehow I don't think this is going to end well.
That's Melanie for you, she takes one look at that bulletin board, and starts thinking of ways to use Ivy to make money for herself. I hope Theresa can eventually evoke Melanie's conscience.

I wonder if that bakery Ivy broke in was occupied at the time. She would most certainly freak out everybody inside, and possibly make the 6:00 news! :)

In Melanie's defense, I think she wouldn't care that much about making money if Theresa wasn't on her case to acquire things the baby needs in an honest way. I'm sure she'd share whatever they made together, if it happened, as she's willing to steal and share the "profits." But yeah, it'd be better if the proceeds were honestly won. . . .

Actually, yeah the bakery was occupied, though since I tend to focus on Ivy herself when I tell her story, that's reflected in the drawing. She definitely didn't notice anyone reacting to the broken window or the floating cake or the sight of a flying baby because, well, she's pretty self-centered, being a toddler. If it does indeed make the news (though a smashed window and stolen cake is probably not news in New York City), it won't show up in the comic, 'cause Ivy would never know and it's told from her perspective. . . .

Are melanie and theresa finally out of the story?

Or... please don't tell me they're getting chapters for their perspective now.

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