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That's so awesome. Dax and Weavers are my favorites. 24hrs of Dax and Weaver!!! Well 20hrs, and then 4 LATE night hours of Adele. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* Say no more, eh? Zombie.
Oh, that's true: Dax and Weaver haven't had names to call themselves this whole time. That seems even more lonely somehow than the loneliness of being among an alien species with only vague twinges of memory of their pasts and needing to hide all the time. Can't wait till the next Weaver episode now!
Weaver's gonna teach Dax "colorful" words, eh? Hope he won't be dropping F-bombs left and right from now on! :)
Dax can tell trees are brown and green? I think those uniformly red eyes should limit his ability to see into the lower frequencies and he should have problems with red-green discrimination, and (more likely) discrimination between red and black (since the color red reflects off the surface of his eyes, he can't see it)
Yes, Dax can tell the difference between brown and green. By him saying so, you should be learning that he can, not offering revisions to how the story should be written because of your headcanons.

There's no reason him having red eyes should change his color vision in specific ways that you made up. He isn't from our world, so you can't assume his biology functions like humans'. Humans with color blindness also frequently refer to colors they don't see the same as non-color-blind people, so what you should be learning from Dax giving words to his experience is that he can indeed tell the difference between those colors and whatever he sees is perceptible in such a way that he can apply the same color words we do.

Well, science dictates that photons in the red wavelengths are bouncing off the surface of his eyes, never penetrating it, so I do wonder how he sees the world. (Like, I can't tell the difference between ultraviolet and black, and can't see infrared. Wouldn't it be like that for him?).
I'm sure that someone who has markedly different eye structure like Dax does would see differently from humans, but it just doesn't logically follow that therefore he'd have no names for the colors you're confused about here. My red-green colorblind father still sees SOMETHING when he sees red, and calls it red, even though he doesn't distinguish colors from each other as readily. You can rest assured that Dax can tell Weaver is the wrong color to blend into the surroundings, regardless of how similar his color vision is to that of typical humans.
Red-green colorblindness makes those colors look yellow. Blue is the opposite of yellow. Trees are yellow. What point am I making?

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