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"..that's very nice of you. Want to go to lunch or something?" And Meri Lin gets creepier. =Z=
ML is the character I most identify with. I could really get this. If it happened to me, eventually I would go on, because I'm not the type to kill myself and eventually you have to go on. You would feel like a part of you has been ripped away, but nobody can tell by looking at you. I think this describes so well how (as best as I can imagine) it would be like.
I wonder which was more difficult for Meri-Lin to deal with, having to raise a baby with superhuman powers, or having to cope with her absence afterwards, and to try and start a new life. In one hand, she no longer has to fret over keeping the rest of the world from finding out about her daughter's powers, On the other hand, this *was* her child, who disappeared without a trace. Meri Lin has no idea whether she's alive or dead, or whether she will ever see her baby again. Should Meri Lin consider Amanda gone forever, or should she continue to hope?
She looks a lot younger here... is that deliberate?
I was gonna say she actually *looks* a little less morose in this one. Like it is weighing on her mind less... its still there but not as much... I think going back to school was a good move for her... give her a bit more hope for the future.
Until you've faced that fear, you don't really know how to react. It's taken Meri months to regain some kind of equilibrium. How should she react? How would any of us react?
I think she's done a credible job, showing us how one might survive this kind of heartbreak, and the weirdocities one my find oneself in, while trying to deal with it.
I actually think she's admirable here, putting one foot in front of the other and trudging back into life.

She'll never be the same as she was even if (when) Amanda returns, but she's stronger for it. Maybe even a better person.

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