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Adele isn't playing God, she is playing Dr. Samuel Beckett and putting right what once went wrong. Zombie for her! She needs an Al.
Adele is a Demi-goddess, changing the world, and balancing the good and the evils from her information. This was an interesting panel that leaves me wondering.

She can't be detached and effective ... maybe she should take some time off and look for simpler clearer cases as well, so not only the deep and troubling ones, but also the clear and simple ones. But maybe the thief-friend is a simpler one.

I like the blouse in images 10 and 11. That criss-cross detail must have been hard.

I really liked this one. I LOVE stories with moral complexity. And yeah, it makes my head hurt, too. Really, really liked this one.

Also, you mentioned identity theft; I think you've said this comic takes place in the 80s, right? I may be wrong, but I think identity theft is a newer term than that. (Even if that type of crime was around back then.)

I actually really like the text-heavy comics. They're one of the things which makes Negative One so different from any other comic I've read.
Also, is nice having Adele back. : ) Even if she's not in a nice situation...
With great power comes great responsibility. Would Adele feel at peace knowing things went badly because she didn't fix them? Ahh the curse of knowledge... But indeed I sympathize with her, it is tiring and draining...
Hurray! Adele's back! I remember you told me your concerns about what to do with her, but it seems you've handled that matter rather well. In fact, it looks like you addressed your dilemma with Adele by giving her one of her own. :)

Now, Adele's personal mission to help people anonymously appears to me to be nearly as daunting for her as it would if she here helping them directly. In this realm of the relative, none of the choices she makes could be meaningfully classified as "right" or "wrong", they all merely have their own unique consequences. It's the severity of the consequences that she must aware of, and she must weigh with great care. And as a prophet, she would need to see as far down the long-term as possible before taking action.

Understandably, Adele is worried that by intervening in these peoples' lives, she's crossed the line, and is now playing God. Maybe she can take some solace in the knowledge that frankly, people do that anyway! We do that more often than we realize, as one's actions (or inactions) always affects another. She should also realize that she's ultimately just a guide for the people she is trying to help. She can try and steer them towards futures that might be more preferable to them, but ultimately *they* are the ones responsible for their destinies, not her.

Whoa, it's fun being so philosophical! ;)

Yes, I've missed Adele too. Meddling in the affairs of a violent wife really hit hard, but it needed doing. She saved a baby from a short, painful life. I'd like to think the little one's sould will find a better family to be born into, but perhaps that's a bit much for Adele to believe?

and yes, everyone's choices affect the people around them, and Adele would be doing both herself and the rest of humanity, if she didn't hone her gift.

Perhaps the self doubting reflection is necessary for her to discover that, and come to terms with it, but it does get kinda tiring when every other character I read about (not just here, but paper comics, books, tv,) cry about "omg! I"m playing God!" ><

Just once, it'd be nice to have a self confident character that not only accepts his/her power, but are comfortable enough with it to not assume they're overstepping bound by using it for the good of all.

I love the internal confliction in this issue. I personally think that we all unwittingly "play god" with every single choice we make. All of our actions have an effect, however great or small. The only difference between us and Adele is that she knows exactly what will come of her choices, but she does them anyway. I think this just makes her brave. And she's not doing it with bad intentions, so it isn't that unforgiveable.
If she can't feel the blood on her hands,
she will become inhuman,
as monstrously awesome as the gods themselves.

may she find the wisdom
to forge on
while her heart bleeds

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