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I love that close-up of her eye. Is pretty.
And she's managing incredibly well, seeing as she has no idea why she's there.
Your purpose here is to find an awesome guy from Philadelphia and make, "witha tha sexy-time, Yeeees?," Ms. Teddy-Bear Lady.
M. Lee1/30/088:54
woot, her kawaiiness gonna assist them that either don't know they need it, and/or wouldn't understand how they got it^_^ And it's a shame there's no standard for what passes for non-fiction, where those speaking from their offal port can be better recognized. lol, like Fecal Matters XD
I'm detecting a hint of self-insertion with all the books.

So it looks like her visions are deterministic with all the procedural chaotic laws of the universe with that boss ruining the company. Can the events she predicts be changed?

I would say Yes, if my theory is correct that the other worlds these characters came from are Earths from split timelines where evolution took a different path, and I have a HEAVY confirmation bias for that theory and will ignore every fact that challenges or contradicts it!

Sho's comments are weird. I'm sorry if I'm offensive to furries, but... no. Just no. That is all.

I've never done what Adele did here and don't own/read books like she did here so I think whatever you're "detecting" here is also stuff you're assuming/making up about who you think I must be. There are characters in this story who are much closer to sharing traits with me but Adele isn't one of them, though we're both sort of cerebral sometimes.

If she wants to change events and it's within her power to do so, she can intervene.

I had no intention of implying that the other characters' dimensions are split from our timeline and don't consider the other worlds to be alternate Earths, but you're free to interpret it however you like. (Especially since you've already said there isn't anything that will convince you otherwise, which shuts down the need for discussion.)

As for SHO!'s comments, weird as they may be, maybe you can be cool about what other people like and not yuck people's yum. Especially on stuff that won't affect your life at all. If SHO! wants to make sexytimes with Adele I also think it's weird but it's also his biz right.

You're writing a story. That means you like books. You used to work at a library in your Gloria Tesch videos didn't you? Well, this might be some projection because I'm a huge book lover =)
I have never worked in a library. Why you're stretching to make Adele a self-insert for me is unclear.

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