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Oh, that's really sad. She's forgotten all about Tabitha. ;_; Well, almost.
M. Lee11/24/0710:12
Very kawaii drawings of Adele, if only imho^_^ And will she be ready, hm? I wonder . . . humility, thou beist not long with this lass Xb
Dan M.11/24/0719:58
Wow Ives, your drawing skills are impressive! Keep up the good work! :D
i really enjoyed this one for some reason that I can not explain in words! I guess it just hit me like a brick or realizm, if that makes sense.
So these prophets spend their entire childhood learning to be teachers, to be sent to another universe to spend the rest of their life teaching another student so they can get sent to another universe to spend the rest of their life being a teacher. Do I got that right? Do they use their gift for anything in this cycle?
No, not at all.

The majority of prophets in Adele's world don't grow up to teach. And the majority of the ones who do teach don't travel to other worlds. It's incredibly rare. Which is one of the reasons Adele is interesting to write a story about. Most of them stay in the world Adele is from and have prophecy-related jobs there.

For instance, Tabitha's first prophecy student before Adele, a boy named Shaee, graduated from Tabitha's program and entered a "prophet hive" on a team of six who would work together on solving social problems in their society, and after he got some expertise in that he became kind of a manager in a prophecy specialty called Rounding (basically he helps create the consensus of what his hive recommends when the government applies to have problems solved by them). After Adele has left and gone to the human world, Tabitha gets one more student who is named Ayan. He's a little boy at this point in the story and they haven't begun official training yet but there are no plans to send him to another dimension either. It makes sense though that if they do occasionally want to send a prophet to the human world, the prophet would be trained by someone with a connection to that world.

The human world has a low incidence of people born with prophecy powers so it's not easy to find other humans to teach them. Adele's world has a huge population of prophets compared to most worlds, so their program for training them is very organized.

Even prophets who ARE teachers tend to do additional jobs too, though. Some will take individual clients who consult them for advice or may be contributors to the prophet community. Or they might have other unrelated jobs, as well as lives and families. There are certain types of jobs that the laws of Adele's world don't permit prophets to hold, though, because of perceived advantages.

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