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Dax should not worry. Dax is adorable.
That being said, I would probably be scared of him if he jumped out at me.
I wonder where Dax got clothes that big. In frame 3, he's twice as big as the regular sized adult he meets. Poor Dax, you can tell he's very nice and friendly and wants to befriend people, but people have an adverse reaction to him. Poo.
M. Lee11/10/0717:22
Pretty good. It's nice to see more dialogue going on, as neither Weaver nor Adele get much opportunity to converse. And that's an image, the THTIB crew on drugs . . . my brain just seized Xb
I probably would not run screaming from some tall dude from another dimension who talked to me politely, but then again, I'm odd like that. I'd be like, hello. Explain your dimension. Is there music?
So the eyes are expounded on a bit, and he has no tear ducts. Where are they, china town? What does THTIB stand for?
He doesn't cry when he's sad but that doesn't mean he doesn't have tear ducts.

They are not in a Chinatown. There wasn't anything in the setting besides some walls and a couple people who walked by so I'm not sure where you got "Chinatown" from. It's not anyplace specific. They're just wandering around in various cities.

THTIB stands for The House That Ivy Built.

Those people are wearing cliche'd ancient Chinese outfits from the movies and video games so where else could they be? A con?
Nobody's wearing ancient Chinese outfits. (And I assure you no one is walking around in modern Chinatowns wearing ancient Chinese outfits unless it's some period performance.) Not sure why laces on the front of one person's blazer equals "Chinese costume, and must be in Chinatown," that's weird. That's called a double-breasted blazer, and I assure you laces on the front of a coat isn't a concept owned exclusively by "Chinese costumes." Also that lady's kid is wearing overalls and a striped shirt underneath, so I'm kinda like ????

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