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You were worried over nothing. Adele didn't seem to rude at all. In fact, I'm willing to bet most of your readers wished she had been quicker to put that faker in her place.
I have great disdain for the people of this world that seek to obscure truth and blind the masses and only slightly less so for those that blindly follow them. Faith is beginning to be a dirty word with me.
I wouldn't say she's being bitchy. She turned out to be right, after all - but I'd agree with the fortune teller that it takes skill to read people like that.
And, well - as a genuine 'psychic', doesn't she kind of have a right to be superior to someone who's faking it?
M. Lee10/27/0717:41
heheh, no one can accuse Adele of tact or using kiddie gloves^_^ To be honest, though, I think most charlatans or victims of self-delusion would have tossed Adele out before she broke down the tactics Rhonda used. Guess her intuition got her to someone who wouldn't react badly, hm?
Hey did you know that if you want to establish a business as a psychic, you really have to list under "entertainment?" Though Adele has a great point about Rhonda being a counselor, and not having really any special powers.
Go Adele! She wasn't too harsh -- everything she said was the truth, and it was a comment on a professional matter -- something this woman was making money off of! -- rather than a mean-spirited personal attack. I for one liked seeing how it ticked Adele off.
This one was too good. I can't tell you how many "psychic readings" I had that made me want to give them a verbal beat down like this for their convenient vagueness and obviously reading body language. Actually, yes I can. It's two. But she went so hard I actually feel sorry for the psychic.

The first one told me my ideas would make the pokémon games better (really. This was back in 2010 when pokémon was still good). I told her I wasn't so arrogant to think I could do a better job than the game designers working there, but the way things are going now I'm starting to think she was right and an idiot like me at the helm could actually improve things.

The second one was a medium communicating with my dead grandpa and... yeah, no comment. Just claiming you speak for dead people is... disrespectful.

Anyway, you want a reading from Dr. Stephen D. Farmer's Power Animals Oracle Cards? I attest none of my readings have been proven false yet!

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