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oooh such cute babies!!!!! :) Cute and pudgy!! :)
Full of cute little babies! You did a wonderful job with that, and you also caught the true feelings of a new mother as well I think. The whole installment was filled with the perfect emotions. (Yes you certainly know how to capture a moment in words and drawings.) As I also think that all the drawings are worthy of mention I will say the one between the parents, and the three fingers wrapped around Meri Lin's was awesome. thanks for another great one I will look forward to the next.
The accuracy of this comic entertained me. How many "welcome to the world, baby" gatherings have I been to that have been filled with arguments about which side the child 'takes from' as if it can't be both? :) It's almost disappointing if there isn't a debate.

But, strangely enough, I never wondered what a mother feels about all of the clamor and pictures and gifts--or even motherhood in general. So I really liked how this comic filled in "gaps" for those of us (or maybe just me...) who have trouble grasping the enormity of being a mommy.

My favorite frame is the last one, Amanda's and Meri Lin's hand, in a classical mother-baby shot. :) Kawaii! But I wish I could have see more of the baby room from way long ago. It was pretty! Maybe in later comics, ne?

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