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Questions for: WEAVER

  1. [Fred to Weaver:] Do you eat meat? What do you eat and how has this changed since you met Dax?

    [Weaver to Fred:] I'm more of a natural gatherer, and not much of a scavenger, so I really just kinda like fruit and nuts. I gladly eat meat from the animals he's hunted, but I don't think I'd be a very successful hunter, and haven't been hungry enough to be forced to try.

  2. [Fred to Weaver:] If you do eat meat, what do you hunt? Again, has this changed since you met Dax?

    [Weaver to Fred:] I'm not a fan of raw meat, so until he came with his understanding of fire, I don't think there'd have been anything meat-wise I would have eaten (except the occasional bug in my fruit, which I don't mind). With a talented hunter on board, the menu can include rabbits, groundhogs, raccoons, squirrels, moles, possums, armadillos, rats, weasels, and even fish. The bigger animals aren't as plentiful or as easy to catch, but there are occasional foxes and coyotes out there. . . .

  3. [Jefkin to Weaver:] You had a seriously bad experience with your original human captor. Do you think this has colored your opinion of humanity?

    [Weaver to Jefkin:] Well, I definitely have my doubts about trusting them now, yeah. Since the first human I met put me in a cage and the second I met didn't let me out, I'm a little jaded. I know the captor didn't control what came through the TV, so I can tell (if I understand correctly) that he isn't your usual human, but I'm not willing to lose my freedom to a misunderstanding.

  4. [Jefkin to Weaver:] There are good and bad humans out there, are you willing to meet more humans sometime soon?

    [Weaver to Jefkin:] Right now I feel like it'll be a long time before I'd be willing to trust one, but if I had someone to protect me and watch my back, I'd give them the benefit of the doubt.

  5. [Lee P. to Weaver:] How familiar are you with the culture of Native Americans or those of the Pagan and Wiccan faiths? Should you be aware of them, do you think they'd be among the few humans you could relate to easily, considering their respect for the earth and what it provides?

    [Weaver to Lee P.:] From what I understand there isn't just one Native American culture, but I don't know much about any of them. I'm pretty sure that what I saw on television was oversimplified, but what you usually see is that they had a more respectful relationship with their land and their fellow creatures than did the cultures that came to this land after them, and they didn't generally process land ownership the same way (though they certainly did have territory). I don't know anything about Wicca--never heard anything about it--and "Pagan" is a word I've heard in passing but I don't know anything about associated belief systems. I'd like to know more about human religions, and I think it'd be awesome if maybe Adele could get me a book and help me with the context, but to be honest I prefer the feeling of "inventing/remembering" spiritual practices with Dax, and I guess I'd only really care about other humans' thoughts on such things if they wanted to respectfully share their beliefs in ways similar to the way Dax and I have.

  6. [M. Lee to Weaver:] If fate had led you and Dax to learn different languages during your time with humans, do you think you would have conquered this obstacle once you met each other? Or would you have parted ways, having dealt with enough adversity to this point?

    [Weaver to M. Lee:] Oh, I absolutely believe that I would have found a way to communicate with him. Even if it hadn't been language I understood coming out of his mouth, I would have understood that he was another non-human person with higher thinking skills, and that would have made me want to make friends with him. Being able to understand him helped me get a jump on getting to know him, but there's no way I would have been like "Well, he's friendly and non-human, but screw him since he speaks gobbledygook."

  7. [Reeny to Weaver:] Do you ever wish you were human?

    [Weaver to Reeny:] Funny question, but kind of. What I want is the ability to interact with the world, because from what I've seen on TV there is a lot of fun out there I'd love to have. But I'm the wrong size and the wrong shape to do anything without getting attention I don't want. I do like myself, and I do realize that if I was human I wouldn't be able to fly (which would be awful), but really what I'd want is the acceptance that comes with being human, not just being human itself.

  8. [SHO! to Weaver:] Have you considered going back and pranking or getting revenge on the Mysterious man in the time since your initial feeling to just flee?

    [Weaver to SHO!:] Nope. I hope I never see him again in my life. I love a good prank now and then, but I play those with a basically good nature, and I have none for him. Revenge I just don't think I have in me.

  9. [SHO! to Weaver:] I've never seen you sharpen your sword. Do you use it just for show?

    [Weaver to SHO!:] I've never had to sharpen it yet. I suppose if it gets dull and I need to use it for something that needs a sharp sword, I'll sharpen it. When I use it for actual cutting it's normally just food stuff.

  10. [SHO! to Weaver:] Following the sword question; Before Dax arrived it appeared that you mainly ate vegetarian. Do you hunt with that weapon?

    [Weaver to SHO!:] No, I don't think I'd hunt with it; I might use it in self-defense, but other than that I don't feel like it's really made for anything too strenuous. I'd rather use it in a low-stress atmosphere. Yeah, when I was alone I mostly just ate fruit and nuts.

  11. [SHO! to Weaver:] You and "the billy goat gruff" have to call each other SOMETHING, what do you think would be a good name for him?

    [Weaver to SHO!:] I guess we'll decide that pretty soon, when we feel like it. (And I don't think I quite get what you mean by billy goat gruff.)

  12. [SHO! to Weaver:] When you feel you are close to the end of your life cycle (or before, if you prefer) would you consider allowing the human public to know of your existence as we are so curious about intelligent non-human life?

    [Weaver to SHO!:] I don't think I'd want a ton of people to know I'm here. When I was with that bald guy, he made some kind of reference to people wanting to study me, and somehow I think that would detract from me getting to do whatever the hell I want. I wouldn't mind if certain individual people who were cool got to meet me, like some of the characters on TV if anyone's actually like that.

  13. [SHO! to Weaver:] What did you watch regularly when you were captive?

    [Weaver to SHO!:] Wow, hard to name them all, considering watching TV was about all I did. Well, I watched Monday night football sometimes. I raised my eyebrows at a TV show called ALF once I understood what the hell that was about. (Somehow I don't think my captor watched that one.) I watched a show called Growing Pains and one called Moonlighting, I tried to watch a weird show called Dynasty but I didn't get it, and there was something I think was called Magnum. I enjoyed but didn't really understand Night Court and Miami Vice. Oh yeah, and this thing called the A-Team? Really weird, never got that one either. There was a show about old ladies called The Golden Girls, and a very creative show that I sometimes understood called The Twilight Zone. Sometimes there was news--I kinda liked that--and then the kids' shows. Some of them were "real" filming--usually with puppets or something, like Sesame Street and some other puppet one I don't remember, but usually they were cartoons and I liked those. What weirded me out there was that almost ALL of the characters were talking animals that sorta looked like humans. Seriously. There was Care Bears, Wuzzles, Muppet Babies, Smurfs, Bugs Bunny, Foofur, and some show about cartoon chipmunks. I'm surprised their kids don't grow up thinking animals talk. There was even a show where a teenage kid turned into a wolf. It took me a while of figuring out context to realize that was a made-up story. Guess what, people, if non-human creatures talk, everyone is VERY surprised! I definitely watched nature shows, and I'd even watch music TV sometimes, and . . . well, ya know, dirty TV.

  14. [SHO! to Weaver:] What was your favorite show?

    [Weaver to SHO!:] My favorite thing to watch was the Discovery Channel, but I don't know if that counts as a show.

  15. [SHO! to Weaver:] Did you get to see movies? Which ones?

    [Weaver to SHO!:] I saw some movies, but usually didn't know what they were called because I'd catch them after their beginnings started. I do remember one was called Crocodile Dundee. Don't ask, 'cause it made no sense to me. There was one about adventuring kids called The Goonies, and one about a guy called Mad Max. (Confusing.) I watched part of a horror movie and changed the channel, but that same horror movie was on a lot. About a guy who attacks people through dreams. I sure was glad I don't dream when I saw that one. Oh yeah, and I saw St. Elmo's Fire.

  16. [SHO! to Weaver:] Probably not more than your freedom but don't you think you'll miss television living outdoors?

    [Weaver to SHO!:] YES. I do miss it. Just because I hated being imprisoned doesn't mean I didn't find it entertaining to watch TV.

  17. [SHO! to Weaver:] Would you chance coming close to a city to go to the movies or get a portable television?

    [Weaver to SHO!:] No. Not unless I had someone who I was sure could protect me from getting caught. I don't know how I'd get a portable TV--something tells me they'd be too heavy for me to fly with, and it's not like I do distance walking. Not built for it.

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