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Questions for: LISSA LEE (Meri Lin's sister)

  1. [SHO! to Lissa Lee:] Did you hide your home life from your friends? Was there much intermixing of home, school, and social life?

    [Lissa Lee to SHO!:] Well, sometimes it seemed like two different worlds, but I was allowed to bring friends over to play sometimes if I wanted. Mostly my best friends were kids in the neighborhood, though. A lot of the other Chinese kids were just like us in that their parents spoke very little English and wanted us to stay in a cocoon. Some school friends knew my family was really traditional, but that's not uncommon where we lived.

  2. [SHO! to Lissa Lee:] What's your love life like?

    [Lissa Lee to SHO!:] Nonexistent really. I hardly ever date and when I do I lose interest faster than they do. I don't know why. I'm in no rush to catch anybody.

  3. [SHO! to Lissa Lee:] Knowing how it alienated your sister from your family, would you choose to love ANYONE you wanted or would you stifle feelings for someone that was "too different"?

    [Lissa Lee to SHO!:] I like to think I'm as brave as she is in that if I liked someone I wouldn't care what my parents think. I guess it'd depend on the guy. Who knows, after all--I might end up falling for a Chinese guy anyway and it won't be an issue. But I don't really like to think about it. Since I don't have to deal with it at the moment, I'll just say YEAH I'd love anyone I wanted, 'cause that's what my principles ultimately say.

  4. [SHO! to Lissa Lee:] Do you look up to your big sister?

    [Lissa Lee to SHO!:] I do . . . we're almost the same age, but in a lot of ways she seems a lot older and more mature. Especially since she became a mom.

  5. [SHO! to Lissa Lee:] How do you feel she is handling this tragedy?

    [Lissa Lee to SHO!:] Hard to say. There's no one right way to react or feel with something like this. I think she's amazing since she hasn't gone to pieces, but I wonder how much of her strong fašade is just a mask.

  6. [SHO! to Lissa Lee:] What do you think of Fred as a person and as a mate for your big sis?

    [Lissa Lee to SHO!:] Fred's a great guy, instantly likable and always so quirky and funny. Sometimes he's a little too much of a goofball, but Meri Lin seems to like it. I have to say he really balances out her seriousness sometimes. But you can just see, immediately, how those two click. I can't imagine her without him or with anyone else now. They fit together like extensions of each other.

  7. [SHO! to Lissa Lee:] Is he attractive?

    [Lissa Lee to SHO!:] Gosh, he's sure great to be around but I don't find him attractive at all, sorry. Personality-wise he's very youthful and peppy but I swear he looks like he could be my uncle--the moustache makes him look old. And I dunno, I don't really like the "all-American" blonde-haired/blue-eyed look, to tell you the truth. He's not my type.

  8. [SHO! to Lissa Lee:] What's your favorite food/dish?

    [Lissa Lee to SHO!:] Bagels with cream cheese. Mmmmm.

  9. [SHO! to Lissa Lee:] Can we see your yearbook photo? If yes, please include in your answer.

    [Lissa Lee to SHO!:] OH JEEZ! I hate my yearbook photos. I always hate my yearbook photos. The photographer always does something dumb to make me laugh and my eyes get all squinty! And I seriously don't think I was as chubby as I look in my senior picture!

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