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Questions for: IVY

  1. [Jefkin to Ivy:] Hugs or Applesauce?

    [SwankiVY on behalf of Ivy, to Jefkin:] [That would depend on whether she's really hungry, but normally she'd rather a hug than a bite. These days she's more starved for love than food.]

  2. [R to Ivy:] Do you wish every human you knew could fly/make items move etc or do you like having that gift alone?

    [SwankiVY on behalf of Ivy, to R:] [She isn't old enough to conceptualize what this means at the time this question is being asked, but it's a little bit of both. When she's older she likes the protection, confidence, and easy transportation advantages she has--and thinks if other people could fly they'd find some way to screw up the sky, which she would hate because she loves having that getaway--but when she does start to understand the concept of being one of a kind, it sometimes scares her a lot and makes her wish there were others.]

  3. [SHO! to Ivy:] When you were hungry, why didn't you just take food from any of the shop windows like you take other things you want?

    [SwankiVY on behalf of Ivy, to SHO!:] [She actually doesn't take things for herself most of the time, especially if it has to do with food. Her parents have trained her pretty well that she's supposed to wait and "be good" and let them feed her. She still subconsciously thinks that food should be acquired from adults who agree to give it to her, though there have been exceptions. She'll get over this eventually when she has no choice.]

  4. [SHO! to Ivy:] With your power you can make people do things, why not make someone(s) find your mommy?

    [SwankiVY on behalf of Ivy, to SHO!:] [She hasn't yet figured out that she has the power to make other people be nice to her; that would require higher reasoning skills than she has right now. She can stop people from being mean to her by, say, pushing them away, but she doesn't have the reasoning power to, say, grab someone and not let them go until they agree to find her mommy. She is very straightforward, especially as a baby, and wouldn't know how to do much regarding not getting her mommy besides having a temper tantrum. Trying to force someone to help her find her mommy wouldn't occur to her.]

  5. [SHO! to Ivy:] Want a piece of candy little girl?

    [SwankiVY on behalf of Ivy, to SHO!:] [Yeah, she does. Are you going to give her one now, or does she have to spank you?]

  6. [SHO! to Ivy:] What's your favorite food/dish?

    [SwankiVY on behalf of Ivy, to SHO!:] [I think it's been settled that her favorite food is currently applesauce! Cookies are a close second.]

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