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Questions for: DAX

  1. [Brianne to Dax:] What is your overall impression of humanity so far?

    [Dax to Brianne:] Disappointing, interesting, creative, and strange. They're not animals but they sometimes act like it. They can feel guilt but still do the things that made them feel guilty again.

  2. [Brianne to Dax:] If you knew that the hippies had stopped stealing because your reaction made them reconsider their own senses of morality, would you be able to trust them again?

    [Dax to Brianne:] They'd have to show me. For a long time. I would trust them a little more every time they proved they were worthy.

  3. [Brianne to Dax:] What do you think of Weaver?

    [Dax to Brianne:] I feel I have a lot to teach him and a lot to learn from him. From our first meeting I knew we had an understanding. Our trust has been easy and quick.

  4. [Jefkin to Dax:] You remember some bits about your shared heritage with Weaver. Do you think you should spend more time exploring this with him?

    [Dax to Jefkin:] Absolutely! It's great to find someone who might be linked to me in the past. We'll work out our ways to believe and live together. Based on what we remember and what we learn.

  5. [M. Lee to Dax:] If fate had led you and Weaver to learn different languages during your time with humans, do you think you would have conquered this obstacle once you met each other? Or would you have parted ways, having dealt with enough adversity to this point?

    [Dax to M. Lee:] I still would have wanted to try to talk to him in other ways. As long as I could tell he was friendly, I would have hope for good brotherhood. He seems to be better with language than me, so if I'd learned something else, I'd probably just let him teach me his language so I could talk to him. I learned the language of the hippies, so I'm sure I'd want to do the same with him.

  6. [M. Lee to Dax:] Being on a similar wavelength as Weaver regarding spiritual matters, I'd like to ask you a question I've also put forth to him:

    How familiar are you with the culture of Native Americans or those of the Pagan and Wiccan faiths? Should you be aware of them, do you think they'd be among the few humans you could relate to easily, considering their respect for the earth and what it provides?

    [Dax to M. Lee:] Oh. Well I don't know what Native Americans, Pagans, or Wiccans are. If you're saying they respect the Earth, I'm sure that would make it much easier to get along with them. I don't think I can respect someone entirely, and certainly can't easily relate to them, if they have a relationship with their environment that involves disrespect, unnecessary destruction, or . . . bratty expectations. I'm still polite to people who don't share my views, but yes, I would probably "relate" more easily to people who would nurture and respect their Mother.

  7. [SHO! to Dax:] Do you know WHY they call it dope now?

    [Dax to SHO!:] Yes. Taking drugs was a dumb choice for me.

  8. [SHO! to Dax:] I've seen you sniffing the air, do you have a keen sense of smell?

    [Dax to SHO!:] Oh yes, definitely. I'm better at smelling things than humans are.

  9. [SHO! to Dax:] If yes, what do you think of human smells (including the filthy hippies)?

    [Dax to SHO!:] I don't think they're unpleasant. I could tell when they were unwashed--which was usually--but it didn't really bother me. I was unwashed too.

  10. [SHO! to Dax:] Wanna get high?

    [Dax to SHO!:] I really don't. But if you think you will find something you seek, I don't mind if you want to.

  11. [SHO! to Dax:] Of human created food, what has been your favorite so far?

    [Dax to SHO!:] I really enjoyed the beef jerky. Their hamburgers are good, and I find hot dogs and canned meat very tasty. I had a soft pretzel once and it was good.

  12. [SHO! to Dax:] You and "the blue-meanie" have to call each other SOMETHING, what do you think would be a good name for him?

    [Dax to SHO!:] I think we'll decide that in the near future, when it suits us.

  13. [SHO! to Dax:] When you feel you are close to the end of your life cycle (or before, if you prefer) would you consider allowing the human public to know of your existence as we are so curious about intelligent non-human life?

    [Dax to SHO!:] I would want to make sure I started this with people I trusted, because I wouldn't want to get taken away on terms not my own again. But I wouldn't mind the outside world knowing I'm here, as long as they were nice to me!

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