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Questions for: THE COP

  1. [SHO! to the Cop in Negative One: 0146:] Surely by now you've seen the reports of the missing girl in your city. How do you feel about the way you reacted to the little girl you found in the fountain now?

    [The Cop to SHO!:] First off, sorry to burst your bubble, buddy, but I'm not actually what you'd call a cop. Maybe you'd call me a rent-a-cop, though I think that's pretty disrespectful. I'm a hired park officer with minimal law enforcement training, not an actual member of the police force. And addressing the question, I can't say I've seen any reports of a particular missing kid--this is New York, pal, kids go missing every day--but I don't know what I was supposed to do different. I was gonna help this little kid who seemed to be swimming in a fountain all alone, but that bizarre thing happened where she launched out of the water naked as a jaybird and started floating at me like a ghost. I still think about it and wonder if I really saw it. Backing away and being scared shitless seems like a natural reaction, wouldn't you say? I feel terrible if someone's lost their child, but if I ever come across her again, I'll be sure to pass her over to the first Martians that come along wanting their kid back, I promise. Ya happy?

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