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Questions for: THE CLUBBERS

  1. [SHO! to Monica and Marie's male friend Negative One: 0146:] What did the "Tan Pan" do when you let him hit your acid and trip?

    [Monica and Marie's male friend to SHO!:] He didn't do anything for a while, really. He just kinda kept chatting with us in that dark room. Then we got kinda bored and wanted to go back out to the party. I mean, that was why we came, not to sit in a dark room with a really weird critter. So we went out and he kinda started following us but didn't come out all the way, and he just kinda stood there and looked at the lights for a while, and then he shut the door I guess 'cause next time I looked he wasn't there and the door was shut. A while later I got curious and peeked in, and he was still there but not really doing much--just kinda standing there scratching at a spot on the ceiling. He kept doing that the whole time I was watching. I got a little worried that he would be unpredictable, which would be scary since he looks so strong, so I went back out and told the girls maybe we should go. We hung out a little longer and I left. I don't have any idea what happened to him after that.

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