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Questions for: ALIX

  1. [M. Lee to Alix:] Considering the oddities of your latest companions, have you ever just thought of selling them out to a TV station or magazine?

    [Alix to M. Lee:] Not really. I mean I guess they have something to lose if I were to somehow bring mainstream media attention their way, but I don't know how I'd go about getting that kind of attention even if I wanted to. You can't scream about aliens without people assuming you're nuts, and to be honest if I was the kind of person who would do something like that I think Adele wouldn't have trusted me with knowledge of her existence. On top of that, don't know if I've mentioned it but I used to work at a circus. Not incredibly fond of the freak show treatment myself, so I'd be the last person to bring it down on someone else.

  2. [M. Lee to Alix:] Is Atlantis a complete myth, or have your experiences with your new camp mates made you think both it and other things of supposed supernatural/spiritual origin might have a basis in fact?

    [Alix to M. Lee:] I think it's bullshit. I'm pretty skeptical about the stories humans tell each other, though I'll believe stuff I see with my own eyes. I don't think Atlantis is any more likely than most of the other fairy tales, though I'm not really any better equipped than anyone else to know stuff about what's really going on in the ocean--I can't go very deep so it's not like I've been deep-sea excavating. If there ever were or still are societies of sea-dwelling people, though--and I'll give no comment on that--I don't think they have a city, much less a great empire.

  3. [M. Lee to Alix:] What, if any, technological conveniences do you miss?

    [Alix to M. Lee:] Shit, what don't I miss? Hot showers. Indoor plumbing. Refrigeration. Air conditioning and heat. Telephones. Electric lights. TV!!!! Do you know we don't even have a goddamn lighter out here?

  4. [M. Lee to Alix:] At this point in time, what is cutting edge for music to be played on or through?

    [Alix to M. Lee:] I'm not sure what the "latest" is, and I probably wouldn't really pay that much attention if I was hanging out in cities either. The last music player I owned was a Walkman that plays tapes, but an acquaintance of mine had a portable CD player that I thought was pretty awesome. It had anti-skip technology so you could carry it with you, though it would still screw up if you tried to actually run or something.

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