Tonya's mother, Tina, and her sister, Tara, appear for the first time in issue 316, and her father, Herman, appears in issue 322. Tina is a caring mother and was quick to offer help to baby Ivy when Tonya brought her home one day, and though she was a little overwhelmed by what she represented, she understood her to be a child in need. Tara, despite being an older teenager, is bubbly and childlike (much more so than Tonya!), and claims to have never stopped believing in unicorns. She really enjoys helping to care for the baby too. But Herman was immediately horrified by his wife's taking in a strange baby, and was horrified even more when he realized her claims about the baby's abilities were true. It's his influence that ultimately stops Tonya's family from being able to offer a good stable place for Ivy to be taken care of, though sometimes Tonya would sneak her in the window until her father put a stop to that too. Herman believes he's just protecting his family, but the girls all think he's too much of a worrywart.

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