Favorite Storyline:
Meri Lin: 6
Meri Lin storyline fans: Jessie, Ronni, Jennifer Rawls, Ethel, Rae, Hannah.
Adele: 15
Adele storyline fans: Alicorn, Mike, Meggie, UnicornEmily, Dash, Alvin, Amethyst, Joni Niemelš, Akira, Joni Kettunen, Mike, Kearin Dai Peregryth, Rachael, John, Jade Nekotenshi.
Weaver: 1
Weaver storyline fans: Michael.
Dax: 2
Dax storyline fans: SHO!, catc10.
Ivy: 7
Ivy storyline fans: Omar, Heather, Austin, Reeny, Manna, -Eyrun-, Ellie. Ivy hasn't had her own narration line long enough to get much of a fix here, so some earlier voters who liked Meri Lin's storyline *because* of Ivy might have later chosen this one.
All: 6
Fans who like all storylines equally: Fred, Smelsmin, Mike, Stuart D Gathman, Synesthesia, dapperDame.
Other answers: 13
Cara: I don't like them all equally---I like Adele and Meri Lin equally well, but then I like Weaver's more than Dax's.

Kim: Likes Meri Lin AND Adele.

Hiho/Anna: I like Adele's storyline best, but Dax is very close. I practically like them both equally.

KhayPrower: I hope we see Shelshay again!

Krystal: Meri Lin, Weaver, and Dax are the best story lines so far, in my opinion.

Jefkin: ... from the begining of the story, I like Meri Lin, Adele and Dax

Now with Ivy thrown in, I have to say I almost like them all equally. Right now I'm liking the action on Ivy's side and the interaction between Dax and Weaver.

Navian: Has trouble choosing, likes aspects of many characters, and is "transfixed on Ivy's development."

Synesthesia: Says this on choosing "all": "...It's hard to decide because they are all so cool for the most part. There's really no one who is totally bad. Melanie is a kid who doesn't get nearly enough attention from her mother, so perhaps her mother is kind of bad, but she's trying her best to nurture an adorable wild child, which is so sweet. The hippies did kind of annoy me a bit, but they were being nice to Dax, giving him food and reefer and teaching him English, but they also kept stealing people's stuff, which isn't very nice."

catc10: It's hard to pick a real stand-out character from everyone in this comic, because each character is so vastly 'themselves' that none stand out beyond what relates to the reader the most! I, personally, LOVE Dax. He's so big and heartfelt that it makes my soul flutter with good feelings! But I sympathize with Meri Lin (even though I've never had a kid and don't think I'd wish to have one in the future), and give hearty nods to Weaver and Alix.

Amethyst: I've been reading this comic for many years now and one of the most interesting things is how my opinions of the characters have changed.

At first Adele was by far my favorite and most interesting of the perspective characters. No question she was by far my favorite. Over time though she got less and less interesting compared to some of the others. Now I think Ivy and Weaver are the most interesting but I honestly couldn't tell you where the switch happened. It just sort of transitioned over time and as the weeks and years went by I found myself looking forward to the Adele chapters less and less and the Ivy and Weaver chapters more and more.

Michael: Meri Lin's is the most poignant storyline for me but I am not sure where it can go, Adele's is an interesting and twisty way for the "straight man" but sometimes lacks a little punch (yes I know, seers and stuff), our little fairy's plays out nicely and I like the ordinary people in it (oh, and feral children with super powers!), Dax has admirable qualities I lack and I can only vaguely relate to Weaver -- nonetheless, I like all of them and hope that the stories can realize their promise.

Red5: I do not really like an individual character. Rather, it's how they come together and personalities play off personalities that makes your comic interesting.

Sparrow: My favourites actually always depended on where the story currently was. While Meri Lin was pregnant I was mostly interested in Adele, but when Amanda/Ivy developed her powers, I was mostly interested in Meri Lin's storyline but when Amanda/Ivy disappeared I was a bit irritated at first and hoped she would find her way back home. Then her story became really, really interesting. With Dax and Weaver I liked Weaver's story more at first, then Dax's (if that isn't grammatically correct I apologize, I don't live in an English-speaking country and learned this language at school and there was a huge inconsistency about how to use the apostrophe with letters like 's' and 'x') after he 'lost' the hippies. Adele's story after she arrived in the human world and drifted around felt a bit slow but my best guess is that this was on purpose (since I trust your abilites as a writer). So it was mostly a 'battle' of what was currently interesting since the POVs change with every new comic page.

Favorite Characters:
Meri Lin: 18
Meri Lin fans: Fred, Cara, Mike, Kim, Ronni, Jennifer Rawls, Amethyst, Akira, Jefkin, Austin, Rachael, Navian, Synesthesia, Rae, catc10, dapperDame, Hannah, Sparrow.
Adele: 30
Adele fans: Fred, Hiho/Anna Mnemi, Alicorn, SHO!, Cara, Mike, Meggie, Smelsmin, UnicornEmily, Kim, Dash, Mike, Alvin, Omar, Amethyst, Stuart D Gathman, Ethel, Joni Niemelš, Akira, Jefkin, Joni Kettunen, Kearin Dai Peregryth, Rachael, Navian, Synesthesia, Rae, dapperDame, Jade Nekotenshi, Michael, Sparrow.
Weaver: 21
Weaver fans: Fred, SHO!, Cara, Meggie, Michael, Hiho/Anna Mnemi, KhayPrower, Krystal, Mike, Austin, Kearin Dai Peregryth, Navian, Synesthesia, catc10, Reeny, Manna, dapperDame, Hannah, -Eyrun-, Ellie, Michael, Isaac Blouin.
Dax: 23
Dax fans: Fred, Hiho/Anna Mnemi, SHO!, Mike, Meggie, Smelsmin, UnicornEmily, Krystal, Jennifer Rawls, Jefkin, Mike, Austin, Kearin Dai Peregryth, Navian, Synesthesia, catc10, Reeny, dapperDame, Hannah, Ellie, Michael, Red5, Sparrow.
Amanda/Ivy: 28
Amanda/Ivy fans: Fred, Hiho/Anna Mnemi, SHO!, Jessie, Meggie, Michael, Smelsmin, Kim, Dash, Mike, Alvin, Amethyst, Heather, Ethel, Joni Niemelš, Jefkin, Austin, Navian, Synesthesia, Rae, Reeny, Manna, dapperDame, Hannah, Ellie, Jade Nekotenshi, Red5, Sparrow.
Alix: 2
Alix fans: catc10, Reeny.
Fred: 9
Fred fans: Fred, Michael, Krystal, Jennifer Rawls, Austin, Navian, Synesthesia, dapperDame, Hannah.
Lissa Lee: 3
Lissa Lee fans: Rachael, Navian, Synesthesia.
Tabitha: 9
Tabitha fans: Fred, Dash, Ethel, Akira, Rachael, Navian, Synesthesia, dapperDame, Sparrow.
Shelshay: 14
Shelshay fans: Fred, Hiho/Anna Mnemi, SHO!, Cara, UnicornEmily, Ronni, KhayPrower, Krystal, Kearin Dai Peregryth, Rachael, Navian, Synesthesia, John, Ellie, Isaac Blouin.
Adele's family: 3
Adele's family fans: Smelsmin, Navian, Synesthesia.
Melanie: 2
Melanie fans: Reeny, Amethyst.
Theresa: 3
Theresa fans: Rae, Hannah, Sparrow.
Miss Margaret: 2
Miss Margaret fans: Amethyst, Sparrow.
Someone else: 1
Other fans:

Krystal: I also really like the people Adele meets! ...mostly.


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