I love everything that you do, so of course I think this is wonderful, too. The Meri Lin issues resound with me more than Adele, mainly because it hasn't been THAT long since I had my baby. Adele and her personality are still very much a mystery to me, but Meri Lin is an open book. Did you mean for them to be so contrasting?

It's been a very loooong time since I read that first draft of THTIB 1, and I haven't read any of the others, but hey, most people haven't had that luxury either.

Hey iVy,

I found your comic through the uberman mailing list. Great stuff! I was taken aback when I got to number 67 and it says you haven't drawn it yet. :(

Looking forward to the next installation,

Stig Hemmer1/9/0720:29
Hi! I just have this comic and have read through the archives! Excellent work!

I like the way you have four separate stories that are all interesting. Of course, at some point these people will meet and interact. That will be _very_ interesting!

I love your art. Especially Amanda, but it is all great.

Great comic. I spent hours reading it. I love the characters. I am curious to find out how the story lines will be interwoven eventually. Nice drawing, too.

But please don't use Symbol, Wingdings and Webdings as fonts around the navigation. The symbols you mark up as such won't show on non-Windows operating systems. Use Unicode or small images instead. See http://www.alanwood.net/demos/wingdings.html

Very nice, the artwork, the writing, and the story. I think I'm becoming a big fan of yours.
This is the most amazing story and comic I've read in years! I can't wait to see how the lines merge :)
I've been reading this comic for a while, and I just have to say, it's incredible. The writing, the artistry, and the characterization are all wonderful. . . .

Keep up the good work!

Oh man. . this is actually really really awesome! I love the emotion in the faces.
Hey guess what? I'm reading your comic! Yes, it's finally happened! :D
I like the storyline between Meri Lin and Fred getting ready for their baby to arrive, the speech is very realistic to a real life conversation and the non conversation pieces are deep and beautifully written. There is a mystical, magical feel to Adele's storyline but am not getting as much out of it as the other because as you know I'm hopeless with following fantasy storylines, not because you're a bad writer or anything, haha. Good work! The picture of Meri Lin and Fred kissing was my favourite drawing of yours.

Good job! =3 Keep up the good work!

You have neat main characters.

I read the excerpts from your books, but I like the comic-style stories better. Somehow, they just seem more naturally paced.

I love how well you capture your characters' thoughts. You go a level beyond normal understanding and really provoke thought.

Although Mere Lin isn't my favorite character, I think in a way she is the one I would miss the most if she were removed from the story. Does that make sense? As much as I like Amanda, it is Mere Lin's reactions to her unusual daughter that are important to me.

Please keep up the good work!

Joni Niemelš9/29/081:44
I find two parts of the story very interesting. Growing up and seeking for purpose as young Adele is fun to follow. Her actions and wandering around the world seem quite interesting.

The second part which is interesting is family life with power baby. Actually I jumped to this comic when I saw an ad about some baby stuff. It seemed interesting idea.

In general I love these stories. Mostly how dialogue runs and people interact with each other. These stories are very 'realistic' and that's part of the charm.

Realistic as no godly powers and everyone has its weaknesses as well as strengths. Of course there are different ways to cope with challenges and I like to see those differences.

The artwork is crude, but story is way stronger than what I expected. Usually web comics have weak story and animeish art. I love to see difference in there. :-)

Anyway, just wanted to say, I like the Negative One comic. :)

I really like it when you do colour pictures. They are nice and stand out creating a cool effect.
I just read through the archives and though I'm usually a bit intimidated by sketch art, I must say your work is AWESOME! The layout--more like a novel than a comic--is pretty refreshing and I feel I get to know the characters better because of the inner dialogue and stuff, and can relate to them a lot, which is something I sometimes miss with the standard online comics. And I really do like the characters, especially Adele and Meri Lin. Just ... wonderful work. =) Keep it up, and I'll be sure to keep coming back every Friday to see more!
This comic is brilliant work, not just this episode but the whole run.
Joni Kettunen8/5/092:50
I find story of Adele most interesting because it seems to push forward the whole story faster than anything else. I am sucker for happy endings so I am hoping Adele to find Ivy fast and bring her back to Meri Lin.

I can see how the story could end up in action scene or pick up faster pace. Humanoids which are different seem to get special attention from people in USA.

I know it is important to tell details in characters' lives as well to deepen their persona and give a chance for reader to sin in to the story... but still, I'd love to see Meri Lin to find her child.

I just don't know how that could happen without Deus Ex Machina kind of thing - in a 'normal' way.

I'm new to your comic and just finished reading through the present 230 pages.... and I hardly can't wait for the next update.
I really like your way of story telling, I am fascinated by your story, and I love every single one of your characters.
Keep up the excellent work!
I really enjoy your comic! Very well thought out and intriguing!
Found your comic today and couldn't help but read it all the way through! Great characters and I can't help clicking the next button to find out what happens next. Really nice work.
I really enjoy reading Negative One, it's one of my favorite webcomics. I think you do a fantastic job! Keep up the good work. :)
This might be the third or fourth time I've told someone their story was the best one I've ever read, but that doesn't stop me from saying it! And I'd love to join the community you have here now. There's more room to write on the forums!
Really, it's a good webcomic. Keep up the good work. I'm hanging on the words and pictures.
I am on page five in Negative One and I am loving your comic Ivy!!!
I have been through a lot of lets just say ESOTERIC experiences and been raised by hippy~types so the general ideas are really resonating with me. I have a bit of fith dimension knowledge, perhaps...and I so appreciate where you seem to be going with this e-comic book. I am also very happy it is free...but I am sure that it could ( & will if you want) make you some money too!!!
Best wishes~ and Loving care from your new pal from youtube ~*~
Stuart Gathman8/21/1023:59
I just realized something. Having made 3 fingered hands a trademark feature of Ivy, all the other characters have to be drawn with all 5 digits. Many comic artists take the shortcut of drawing only 3 fingers, since normally that is not the focus.
Drawing hands is difficult.
It's hard to pick a real stand-out character from everyone in this comic, because each character is so vastly 'themselves' that none stand out beyond what relates to the reader the most!

I, personally, LOVE Dax. He's so big and heartfelt that it makes my soul flutter with good feelings! But I sympathize with Meri Lin (even though I've never had a kid and don't think I'd wish to have one in the future), and give hearty nods to Weaver and Alix.

As for several others, I appreciate them, even if I don't always LIKE them (and I really DON'T like Tabitha as a person --she seems manipulative and pitiable to me. Good, but not worth trusting, because she'll always be the kind of person that does what she sees as 'best for you', without giving you any decision power at all. I also find myself disliking Ivy, because she's growing into someone very selfish. I get HOW and WHY that's happening, but I still don't like it and hope that it will change before she becomes unreasonable.)

But they are ALL, without exception, very well CREATED and DEVELOPED characters, which is why I guess that liking and disliking them is inevitable. Kudos!

love the comic. I just finished reading all of Amanda/Ivy story yesterday, when I got to the end I thought Oh Man! I have to wait another week. I thought reading Adele, Dax and Weavers's stories would help fill in the time but no I've finished those too and have to wait. Bummer.
This is probably one of the most interesting webcomics I've ever read. You do such a fantastic job of managing such a large cast of different, interesting characters, i cant even decide which storyline i like the most!
The Meri Lin/Ivy and alien storylines feel like separate webcomics that just happen to be by the same author in the same style.
I love your webcomic it's beautifully done, and the best I've read.
Jade Nekotenshi5/8/1421:00
I'm incredibly intrigued by Adele's storyline; that kind of oracular talent is fascinating in the extreme.

I'm following Meri Lin's with great interest, but to say I enjoy it would be to misstate - just the thought of losing a child like that makes me cry. Knowing she's still out there and enjoying life does mitigate the sadness a bit.

Mary Lynne5/6/1711:58
I love this comic. I've been following it for years. I first found it because the name Meri Lin is similar to mine and caught my attention, and have eagerly waited every week for the new one ever since. I love the many POVs - it is so fun to get to know so many interesting and thoughtful characters. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!
Your plot, storytelling, choice of words and characters are overwhelmingly insightful, exceptionally deep and rich, and so, so very human while staying unearthly and magical at the same time. You blessed me with magnificent art for years now, your story made me cry, laugh, brood and await Friday with joy. Thank you for that.

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