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Though her presence was felt in the Negative One storyline as early as issue #228 in the form of a mysterious voice in the forest, Neptune was brought into the storyline as a nameless curiosity once Adele expressed interest in her in issue #343. Dax, Weaver, Alix, and Adele decided to try to attract her with food during issue #373, hoping to find out more about the invisible woman in their woods and what her true nature was.

The group now knows (mostly through Adele's prophetic research) that Neptune is from a dimension farther away than any of theirs, and that her mind was permanently damaged in her trip to our planet. As a result, she is childlike and does not interact or speak normally, and appears to prefer living in her own mind for the most part. She does not seem to find life in the woods uncomfortable despite the fact that she walks around naked in a rather cold environment and has to forage for her own food and eat it raw. Neptune has the ability to blend into her surroundings by becoming nearly invisible (though the field she generates at will does cause a warping effect that can be seen at some angles, though she still cannot be seen), and she spends most of her time in this state because it is her species' protection against sunburn. Neptune's skin is nearly white and her eyes are reddish pink, very similar to the color scheme typical for albinos, and she has long wavy white hair and white feathery angelic wings.

Neptune enjoys singing and only eats non-animal food. Despite having a damaged mind, she has a strange ability to memorize conversations and has been known to repeat them, though over time the group has been able to condition her to respond to very simple questions with actual content (usually only when given choices and asked to pick an answer). She began to wear a yellow dress and a woven bracelet when Adele decided to clothe her, and she appears visible more often when she is wearing items she likes seeing on herself.

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