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Miss Margaret is a divorced mother of one who runs a bakery in New York City. She entered the story in issue #390 when she encountered baby Ivy sitting on her steps in the morning before she opened her store. Seeing a child alone surprised her, and she brought Ivy inside and fed her. Soon discovering she wasn't a normal child, she played it very cool and managed to be accepting to this poor child who was going through a fragile time in her life.

Miss Margaret's daughter Charlotte is the light of her life, and she prides herself on her sensitive mothering skills and her rapport with her customers at the bakery. She is a believer in folk customs and is a bit superstitious, which is why she gravitated toward believing Ivy was a member of a faerie race and believed the smartest thing to do would be to treat her generously (though she also responded to her just as much because she is a mother and can't let a needy child go without). She is talented at saying the right thing at the right time, taking lovely photos, giving advice, and comforting people. She enjoys local theater and reading, and her bakery is the second chapter of a family business. Her full name is Mary Margaret Falconer.

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