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Charlotte entered the story in issue #394 when her mother, Miss Margaret, brought her downstairs to meet Ivy. Miss Margaret's bakery has an apartment above it where Charlotte lives with her mother, and she tries to help with some of the daily duties (but usually just spends the day playing in her mother's sight). She is five years old and not yet in school when she enters the story.

Upon meeting baby Ivy, who was slightly younger and smaller than she was, Charlotte was outgoing and delighted, and enjoyed reading to her and interacting with her. When Ivy developed a fascination with her long curly hair, she was entranced right back, but when she discovered her new friend could fly, she had to follow her mother's lead in not being afraid. After a little bit of shock, she slid right back into the role of being sisterly to the strange little girl.

Charlotte is a little verbally advanced and fairly emotionally mature for her age. She has dark brown hair and blue eyes.

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