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This is Benjamin's birth certificate. Wherever you see a blue rectangle, that's something I can't write on here because, well, he's a fictional character. There are notes below on why I didn't include certain information, but for purposes of the comic you can get a feel for what his birth certificate might have looked like and check out some facts you might not have known.

[Benjamin's Certificate]

What I didn't include and why:
  • Certificate number: Real people have them, so I didn't want to make one up.
  • Hospital: I didn't want to name a real hospital even though he was born in a real place. Use your imagination.
  • Addresses: No actual addresses are included, of course--just vague stuff like that he lives somewhere in Brooklyn.
  • Authorizations: I didn't want to include authorization signatures or state authorities' names. You probably know why.
  • Document number: Same reason as "Certificate number" above.
  • Also please note that the certificate asks for how many children this mother has had before and how many she has living. That's an unknown, and I don't know how they'd actually indicate that if they had a child whose status they don't actually know, so I improvised.

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