Negative One Tenth Anniversary Trivia Quiz

Negative One Trivia Quiz

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1. The five narrators in Negative One--Meri Lin, Adele, Weaver, Dax, and Ivy--have five different hair colors and five different eye colors. True or false?

2. Which narrator is the oldest? (As in, who's lived the longest?) 3. How many biological children does Theresa say she has?

4. Which of the following would Ivy NOT be able to manipulate directly with her telekinetic powers? 5. Which unusual ability has NOT been featured in the comic? 6. Who was the first of the beach group to settle down in their current location? 7. Which characters have great singing voices? 8. What trait attributed to baby Benjamin does mommy Meri Lin think is strange? 9. Miss Margaret is parenting Charlotte by herself. What statement describes the situation regarding Charlotte's father? 10. Ivy frequently uses her abilities to change the way others move, from making them stop touching her to picking them up entirely. Which character has escaped this treatment so far?

Please send any comments! Feel free to throw in questions/clarifications about stuff you found confusing, comments on the comic itself, non sequiturs, and/or pirate jokes. These comments aren't posted, but it all gets read by the creator.

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